Tuned Dipole Set TDS-535-2 调谐偶极子天线组

Tuned Dipole Set TDS-535-2


The A.H. Systems’ Tuned Dipole Antenna Set provides an accurate measurement standard for precise EMI and site attenuation measurements (per EN55022 and ANSI C63.4). Also known as a reference antenna standard, these antennas are manufactured per the original FCC design.


  • 25 MHz to 1 GHz
  • Individually Calibrated (3 and 10 Meter calibration included, horizontal polarization)
  • FCC, MIL-STD and VDE Testing
  • Two complete 4 Balun Sets in one case
  • Low Balun Loss, Low VSWR

Product Details

Model TDS-535-2 Tuned Dipole Set provides an accurate standard for precise EMI and site attenuation measurements (per OET-55 and ANSI C63.5). Our half wave Dipole Set is manufactured per the FCC balun design and is individually calibrated per ANSI C63.5 at 3 and 10 Meters. This Tuned Dipole Set should be considered as a standard reference for frequencies below 1000 MHz. All Sets come contained in a rugged, lightweight storage case and includes four Baluns, Element extension rods, telescoping Elements, 10 Meter Cable, Tape Measure and a Clamp for tripod mounting.

Antenna Specifications

TDS-535-2 Tuned Dipole Set

Included equipment(two of each item)
TSC-535-2 Transit Storage Case
FCC-1 Tuned Dipole Antenna 25 MHz – 70 MHz
FCC-2 Tuned Dipole Antenna 65 MHz – 180 MHz
FCC-3 Tuned Dipole Antenna 170 MHz – 340 MHz
FCC-4 Tuned Dipole Antenna 325 MHz – 1000 MHz
SAC-213-10 Ten Meter cable
Extension elements
Telescoping elements
Balun Mounting Clamp
Tape Measure
Case Size: 28″ x 23″ x 7″
Weight: 23 lb.’s

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