Indutech Moisture Meter Series PMD 2450

Precision Microwave Transmission Device
The PMD 2450 covers the experience gained over 4 generations of the instruments, based on the microwave transmission and the phase method, which was developed by the founder of the company. The original method was remarkably improved by Indutech. This gains large advantages compared to earlier generations of the instrument, in a noticeably increased accuracy, especially for thin layers, inhomogeneous products and concentration measurements.
Measuring Principle:
Microwave-Transmission measurement; the measured material is transmitted with microwaves.
Measured Parameters:
Moisture of non- and low- conductive materials.
Layer thickness:
40 mm – 500 mm for standard material.
Particle size:
up to 100 mm, ideal < 20 mm.
Microwave evaluation unit must be installed as close as possible to the microwave antennas.
version for zone 22 is available.
Remote service:
per modem or internet connection is available. This saves time and money.
coal, minerals, iron ore, magnesite, copper, e.g.
wood chips, pulp, wood boards, gypsum boards, e.g.
In following industries:
steel, cement, building, mining, coal power station, paper, chemical, recycling, wood, food.