Indutech Moisture Meter Series PMD 2500

Precision Microwave Transmission Device (patented)
High accuracy and stability.
Evaluation unit can be installed outside the ATEX zone.
Layer thickness:
10 mm – 5000 mm dependent on the material.
Particle size:
up to 100 mm, ideal < 20 mm.
Flexible installation:
Microwave evaluation unit can be installed in a distance of up to 400 m from the microwave antennas.
Certified for ATEX Zone 22, Category 3D for non-conductive dust. Higher ATEX approval on request.
Specially designed:
for Outdoor.
Ideal for thin material, like wood boards, Gypsum boards, e.g.
In following industries:
steel, cement, building, mining, coal power station, paper, chemical, recycling, wood, food.