Ion Guns Model 1401 离子源

Model 1401离子枪,是用于表面化学实验的理想选择。 可以和惰性气体一起使用

Design Features:

  • High current density 15 to 50 mA/cm2 depending on spot size selected.
  • Unique ion source design for stable emission.
  • Dual tungsten filaments with typical filament life-time > 500 hours. Yttria coated iridium optional.
  • Replaceable beam trimming aperture with typical life-time > 500 hours.
  • All UHV compatible and etch resistant materials used in fabrication.
  • Differential pumping tominimize main chamber gas loading.
  • Gun is easily disassembled for maintenance.
  • Electrical connections and gas inlet located on a single flange for easier installation.
  • Preset extraction and condenser lens parameters (three spot size settings) for repeatable operation.
  • Integral beam current measurement.
  • Direct measurement of ion source pressure.
  • System and cable interlocks prevent energizing high voltage with poor vacuum or cable removed.
  • Power supply and raster generator in single 5-1/4 high 19 inch rack mount enclosure.
  • Digitally generated raster option for uniform etch profile.
  • Computer control option.
  • Optional ion source pressure regulation.

Engineering Specifications


 Working Distance 25 mm
 Beam Energy ≤ 5 keV continuously variable
 Raster Size 7 x 7 mm (minimum)
 Mounting Flange 70 mm (2.75 in) Conflat
 Differential Pumping 70 mm (2.75 in) Conflat
 Supply Gas Inlet 34 mm (1.33 in) Conflat
 Source Gases He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe
 Bake-out Temperature 150° C maximum